Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Resetter Epson T20 – Adjustment Program Epson T20

Here info download link for Resetter Epson T20 or Adjustment Program Epson T20. Maybe this info is useful for  everyone who require resetter epson T20E or adjustment program epson T20E. On the the software has include with the tutorial how to reset counter Epson T20 in PDF file.

Epson T20 is amazing printer with super quality and long lasting print, this printer using 4 color inket printer cartridge. This printer using Epson 73 and &#N for standard ink cartidges and it also can uses epson 91/91N cartridge type for long cost printing.

Here Screen-shot of the resetter epson T20


Use the information provided at your own risk. We cannot guarantee that problems resulting this software.

Here the download link for resetter T20 or adjustment program T20 in mediafire: Adjustment T20 by OrTHoTaMiNe.rar

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